Monday, January 1, 2007


The amazing has happened. My daughter got up on her own this morning. No pushing, shaking, poking, or repeatedly calling her name. No pulling her out of bed. No proping her up 99% asleep. No using the intercom on the phone for 30+ mins, over and over.
Unless you have a child you can't get up day after day, month after month, year after year- this may not seem amazing. To me, it is nothing short of a near miracle. I can't remember the last time she got up on her own without it taking an act of god. Mornings are a battle ground around here, and the level goes up the earlier it is. The sweet sound of the shower running when my alarm went off was like harps from heaven. I hope the memory will stay with me for at least a week! Took her to work at 9 and came home to a quiet sleeping house still. Sweet.

I was otherwise a slug most of the day. Enjoyed Law & Order SVU most of the day. It felt good to do nothing and just chill.

Here's hoping 2007 is a better year than 2006. I especially hope and pray for the debacle in Iraq to end and for the health of all my family and friends. Happy New Year!

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