Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday Night Rambling

Tonight I "fixed" my daughter's alarm clock. Yes, according to her- it didn't work. I had no problem testing it and confirming that yes, indeed it does work. I set it for 7am and have fingers crossed that she'll manage to actually get up, but I'm not counting on it. I've got my alarm set for 7:30 since I don't realistically expect her to be up before that time. Working on the weekend at 9am sucks! I have to get up early every day- I don't like having to get up early just to get her up so she can go to work on the weekend. This wasn't part of my plan when I told her she had to get a job as a condition of being on independent study. At least she learned to use the computer to request days off- finally. But I'm sure it'll be 2 weeks before I get a respite, since they have to request their days off that far in advance.

So my day alone went up in smoke. Today is my husband's birthday. Only he's not really my husband. He is, but he isn't. It's complicated. Anyway the girls were supposed to spend the day with him and I was sorely looking forward to being ALONE for the afternoon. I had great plans to veg and watch Law & Order all afternoon. Turns out he is sick..... not like dying in bed sick but enough that I'm not letting the girls near him for a whole afternoon. Not after the past month of merry-go-round sickness that I've had to deal with. We took him a few presents and clam chowder per his request when I picked up B. after work this evening. I love my DVR! I did record many episodes of L&O, and watched some. I have a partner in crime, M. who likes to watch with me- when she isn't busy being a 12 year old with an attitude. Lately I am finding parenting such a challenge. All 3 of the girls seem to be on the hormonal highway of hell. I miss the old days when all they wanted was for me to read to them and snuggle.

I am really bothered by the Saddam hanging. I admit I'm not a news freak and don't always know exactly what is happening immediately in the world, but I was shocked to see it on my homepage last night. I didn't know he was to be hanged. I'm disgusted by how it's everywhere today. You can watch in online in graphic detail. I've purposely refrained from reading any in depth articles, and would never in a million years watch a video of it. He ranks right up there with Hitler in terms of his heinous crimes against humanity, However I can't help being so repulsed by every minute detail being available to rewind & replay... again and again.....despite his execution one has to wonder if the government will ever be stable in Iraq and whether life will really improve for the people. It certainly doesn't seem that any positive goal is any closer to being attained. My heart aches everyday for new families who have lost a brother, son, father, uncle, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, husband, wife, best friend. It's all so senseless.

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