Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Unreal scene tonight. Sitting watching the original pilot of "Monk" when my phone rings and it's my dh telling me B. is at his house. Huh? We live about 3 miles apart through the forest, and she apparently took off on foot after a fight that we had. Not really a fight persay- more me confronting her over her attitude and she turned into a bratty snot. Then thinks that I locked her in the garage. I did slam the door between the kitchen and the garage and it was apparently locked, but helloooooo..... I guess she's never heard of banging on the door to let anyone know? No, instead she assumes the worst of me, and then bolts through the dead of night. Anything could have happened to her between here and there, and I wouldn't have even known until tomorrow morning. Unfriggin real. Home now, only because I went and got her as she must have her meds. Scared the living daylights out of me. I can't believe all this drama over such a minor scene really. We've had much bigger blowouts over the years...but that was mostly before I knew she is BP. I walk around on eggshells daily not knowing if it's ok to talk to her or how she is going to react. The girl has GOT to learn to deal with conflict. Seriously! People fight, it's part of life.
I am in such disbelief over this. I locked her outside door and pray she'll still be here in the morning. At times like this I seriously wonder how much more heartache I can really deal with.

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