Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Play-Off Bound

Last softball game of the regular season tonight. The ump was 45 min late. It was freezing out. The game was tied 2-2, and they lost 3-2. Bummer. But the silver lining is despite the loss, they ARE going to play-offs this weekend! We thought they were out, if they lost tonight. So the girls pepped right back up, just as one would expect of a bunch of giggly 5th grade girls. Went to Pizza for their end of the season celebration- fun was had by all. Got home at 9:30, which is pretty dang late for us on a school night! I'm super exhausted.

So both my girls teams are going to playoff-s this weekend. Should be loads of fun- provided I don't have conflicts with games, but of course I know that will happen.

I think M. will also be chosen for All-Stars, but the "official" call will be coming Sunday night... so I'm told.. but I "don't " know anything about it! It's all so cryptic whatever. just tell us so we can make plans for summer.

Summer! Man that's a weird thought! It's almost upon us....... School is out next Friday! WOW!

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