Thursday, May 17, 2007

Softball game tonight , a smashing 16-5 victory. Lots of walks by the other team. C.'s shoulder hurts-- not sure what to do about that other than ice? First time all season it's bothered her. Hope it doesn't last since she has another game Sat morning at 9am.

Gas is up 4c since Sunday. 4 days = 4c increase. I took a picture but I'm to tired to go get my camera.

Not much else to say really. Have been out every night this week.... I'm more tired than usual and looking forward to R&R on Sunday. I've been DVRing the Giants games and they've been losing which sucks! But the pitchers have been awesome lately. To bad the team can't rally behind them. I'd love to go see the Giants and the Yankees.... but the game has been sold out for months! bummer.

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JaniceNW said...

Be careful with her pitching arm. Ice and advil are the treatments we use. Ice should go on 20 minutes per hour. NO HEAT.

The new Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is from around here. We used to watch him play for UW.

Love ya!!