Saturday, May 12, 2007


Exhausted. That's what I am.... but in a good way. Was gone all day. 2 softball games, both away. Both games won. First game 12-1; Second game 19-7. It was a beautiful day, sunny but tooo windy.
Arrived home nearly 9 hours after I'd left, thoroughly wiped out. Amazing how the sun and wind can sap one's body of all energy. I wish I had pictures, but it's so hard taking them when I'm scorekeeping.
Left this morning before B. was awake. You think she'd call, at least once? Wondering where I am, or her sisters? It's unusual for us to be gone for hours on end. A few hours- ok, but all day?Nope, not my kiddo. Gone all day and no call, nor a thought. Arrived home tonight to find her grumpy as usual. Looking like she did nothing but sit on the couch and watch tv all day. Saw no signs of having done any school work or having studied for her driving test. The one thing I asked her to do was spend some time going over the info for the test so she can pass the dang thing! I'm seriously annoyed at her lack of motivation to get her licence. Gee, I've only had that honda sitting out in front of the house for..... nearly 6 months now? Awaiting her gloried presence...
Oh well! Just another one of the many mysteries that is my daughter. go figure. If someone had handed me a car when I was 16; I'd have been all over it faster than.... well I don't know what. but Fast. LOL

Exhaustion rules... must go sleep now.

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