Friday, June 1, 2007

One game down....

1st playoff game won!... and they advance to the next round. Won 11-7. M. pitched a couple of the innings and injured her shoulder. Worried about that, and hope it's not serious. It was another freezing cold night, windy and brrrrrrrr! Is it really June 1st? Sure doesn't feel like summer yet! M.'s team plays again tomorrow afternoon, and C. plays their first game tomorrow morning. Brianna came with me to the game tonight! First time all season. Wish she'd come more, but yay to my girl.

Giants are winning 13-0 against the Phillys. Bye Bye Armando Benitez! Good riddance! What did the Marlins do to deserve you? Dunno.... just glad you are finally outta-here!

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