Monday, May 7, 2007

She's Off to Science Camp

My baby left this morning for a week of Science Camp. It was a rushed weekend after softball, to wash, organize, pack and buy last min items like sunscreen, rain poncho, insect repellent. Small drama over not wanting to take a sleeping bag... " it's to uncomfortable" ( I agree), which I solved by taking her comforter, fleece blanket, and pillow- rolling them all up together, securing with a bungee cord and putting into the carry bag for the sleeping bag. Worked like a charm. It's awfully quiet around here without my baseball partner, don't touch me because I'm so ticklish, snuggle girl. Hope you're having a blast and not feeling to weird trying to sleep away from home.

Here's one of the two busses taking the kids to camp
Cierra is in the grey sweatshirt in the middle of this pic.
Her friend Margaret is next to her on the right, short
blonde hair. Nichole is in the back, waving. The are about
to board the buses.

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