Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sickness and Assorted BS

So C. came home from camp a week ago with some cold symptoms. It's finally kicked in big- and she's been home 2 days from school sick. I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd start feeling it too. I guess today is my lucky day... woke up with that slight itch in the back of my throat along with a swollen feeling. Joy.

M. came home yesterday complaining about having horrible cramps. Proceeded to be in a less than pleasant attitude for the remainder of the day. What a cruel twist of nature- that a 12 year old has to endure the bodily torture of assorted menstrual pains. It's bad enough as an adult, I think it royally sucks that my 12 year old has to endure this now too. Advil and a heating pad didn't really help her.

Took B. to her regular appt with her psychiatrist yesterday. No med changes but a complete blood work up ordered. She is doing "ok" but never really seems "good" to me. She writes constantly on her blog about how unhappy she is, how much she hates life, etc etc. She wrote recently about purging in the shower and how she cried and shook afterward. I can't let her know I know- obviously, or she'll close her site down. I feel helpless to help her- and I can't even alert her doctor, as he's "her" doc and I don't have an opportunity to talk to him privately. It's an awful feeling, like being an observer on the sidelines- unable to intervene. An interesting aside- on the paperwork for the blood draw he wrote "bipolar depressive disorder" as the diagnosis. He refers to bipolar with her frequently, I know he believes her to be bipolar (as do I ) but he doesn't give her an official diagnosis of BP- because of the problems this may cause for her in her adult life... getting insurance, medical privacy, etc. Our insurance pays nothing for any of her visits and little for her meds- and we are slowly being bankrupt with all the bills. The ironic things is that if she were given an official diagnosis of BP, then we could get some reimbursement. They will pay for "serious" psychological disorders: BP, schizophrenia, and something else which I don't recall. What a catch-22! Push for the diagnosis so we can get some reimbursement? or hold out in order to hopefully not adversely effect or limit her future. Obviously I haven't pushed to have her labeled officially, but it simply SUCKS! The stress over the money is contributing to physical issues of my own.

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