Friday, May 11, 2007

Equilibrium Re-established

Cierra is home. Tired and happy. Happy to see me, Very happy! And I can't begin to describe how happy I was to see her. There is amazing restorative power with love. Several long hugs, and we are both grinning ear to ear. I love that kiddo so dang much. Extra bonus: my buddy to again watch baseball with. It's not nearly as fun watching alone. And the Giants actually pulled off a win tonight! Woowoo, Go Giants!

Update on B,:
after our blow up yesterday, she made a rare attempt to make amends with me. She didn't have a lot to say- but the effort to apologize is huge. Bipolar skews all the lines. Everything, including normal easy communication is amazingly hard. Things for you and I, just are not the same for someone who is bipolar.Anyway- she couldn't articulate what happened or why it happened, but for a rare change, she listened to me and I felt like headway was made and some resolution occurred. It's very very rare- and a gift I don't take lightly. I love this girl too... It's a much more complicated love- she knows how to break my heart like no other. But I love her fiercely.
I hope life for her will someday, not be so hard.

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