Monday, April 9, 2007

Spring Break

Ahhhhh...... the bliss of "sleeping in!" Yes, it's spring break. Looking forward to a week with a much less hectic pace! Woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked but that is OK. The rest of the gang is still asleep. Everything is soooo quiet and peaceful. Yesterday was Easter- and the baskets were promptly demolished. Both M. and C. had chocolate breakfasts! Silly girls. I enjoyed a fabulously lazy afternoon which consisted of watching Giants baseball and movies. Free HBO weekend. I watched "Lake House" with Sandra Bullock, and completely loved the mushiness of it. I wish something like that could happen in real life. My lovely lazy day was abruptly overtaken last night when I caught my oldest daughter talking on the phone with some guy from My Space. Uggggghhhhh, double Uggghhh! To say I was blown away, is putting it mildly. I am still thinking about her stupidity some 12 hours later. I find it so hard to understand how her sense of right and wrong can be so off? I've talked to her repeatedly about safety, being responsible, etc. only for it to go in one ear-out the other. She knows about online predators. She knows about girls who go missing. She knows about how it could be anyone on the other side of the computer screen. She knows it can all be a pack of lies...We've talked about it frequently. Well scratch that-- **I've** talked AT her about it repeatedly. Yet she called a guy she doesn't know- and now he has her phone number. And we'll never know who he *really* is, and what type of danger she or we, could have been in. I've googled the number but just as I expected- no info. Because it's a cell, of course. She thinks I'm over-reacting (what a surprise)-- I feel like I've failed somehow.
Silly, the logical side of my brain knows it's not me-- but how do I convince the emotional side?

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