Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I need a bullhorn

As I go through the daily morning ritual of trying to get my oldest out of bed, I have vary emotions from weary, resigned, could-care-less, annoyed, to down right pissed off. This morning fell into the category "what the hell". Not exactly pissed, just really sick of it. I'm wondering how she would react to a bullhorn or an air horn. That probably sounds incredibly cruel to anyone who doesn't understand the situation here on an almost daily basis. No, I can't just leave her and make her responsible.... because then she will not get up. I did actually do just that, one day last week when I was on my last thread with this whole morning business- and yep, she didn't wake up until after her class was over and then I was accused of "not waking her up." Whatever. I just wish I could understand more completely what it means to be bipolar and not have the ability to get up to an alarm in the morning. How is it different, than for other folks who get up every day this way? I could have more empathy perhaps, if she'd make an attempt to communicate about it, but that is obviously not going to happen....... ever.

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