Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday, So good to me....

Well, it's Monday. Over almost. Last regular season basketball game was today. The girls won 34-3. M had lots of playing time and scored several times- once a sweet shot from the outside corner- it was a lovely shot! Girls were in high spirits. I'm relieved that the season is coming to an end. Now they await playoff decisions.

Tonight was a GREAT night. B was enjoyable to be around. I don't think there was even ONE sour look, tone or comment. We had some laugh out loud moments being silly! Times like this are so rare. I wish they were more often, but I surely cherish and hold onto them.It does a soul good. I think the new class she is taking- and the new routine of having to get up and get going daily, is actually doing her good. The getting out of bed part is still brutal (on me) but she seems to be better these past few weeks. So what's different? She had a birthday. She's taking a new class. She's working on a different subject with her independent study and she continues to work part-time; 16 hours this past week. It could be any combination of these factors. Oh, she's taking Omega 3 fish oil now too. I'm not sure if that could have an impact so immediately or not? It's not proven yet, but there is a school of thought that the Omega 3 supplements help with mood disorders. I wish there was some way for her to get more sleep- that is the one overriding symptom that never seems to go away. I've in fact decided to decrease her seroquel and see what, if anything happens. I was doing some reading today that stated that there is no therapeutic benefit from any dosage over 800mg. That is B's dosage and it amazes me that she doesn't sleep like a baby on it. The whole med puzzle is just that- a puzzle. The more I read about BP, the less clear it all seems to be. I don't understand WHY it's such an unknown.

I saw a really depressing Cold Case the other night. The show focused on a mother who was manic depressive in the 1950's and had been found dead in the snow. Turns out she was hospitalized for her manic depression because there was "no cure." However, she opted for a lobotomy because the doctors of the time believed it to be the only treatment that would offer some mood stability. Uhhhh yeah! Lets cut out part of your brain! What the hell? Seriously? I felt physically ill, while watching this and thinking about it. I'm so thankful that my daughter is alive now, and not 50 years ago. Of course in 50 years future- they may think what we are doing now is barbaric perhaps- but I hope not. So much is still unknown. I have to hope the choices I've made for her are the right ones. Soon enough she'll be in charge of her own health and wellness.

My brain is fuzzing over so it must be time to turn off the 'puter. I think I'll go read some of my current Barbara Delinsky book. Pure escapism. Just what the doctor ordered.

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