Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol, ho humm

American Idol Round 1 tonight. Completely underwhelmed by most all the guys. The beatboxer kid from Seattle was probably the best. I liked a few of the other guys, but overall- there wasn't any one performance I was wow-ed by. Both the girls actually asked to go to bed before it was over! (Unheard of...) I was so not moved by any of them, that I didn't bother to place any votes. We are huge idol fans here, so the night was heavily anticipated and quite a letdown. One other gripe: please spare me the 2 hour show with 12 singers. PUH-LEEZ! Seriously. Thank goodness for the DVR. There's no way I could have sat through it all in real-time. Case in point: first 20 mins of the show; 1 singer had performed. ARGH. We cut off 45 mins easily bypassing the commercials. Hope the girls are better tomorrow night.

Yawn. Tired tonight. Back to School and back to early mornings today. 4 days flew by, of course. It's never long enough. I found myself wondering aloud several days ago if I would ever be one of the older folks that naturally wake up at 5am or 6am. One of the old folks I see out walking dogs at the crack of dawn as I drive my daughter to school at 7am, bleary eyed and half asleep.
Somehow I can't see it- but they do say as we age, we need less sleep. My oldest daughter actually laughed out loud at the notion. She's probably right; I'm more apt to stay up all night and then sleep til noon. We'll see I guess. Random musings.

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