Friday, February 16, 2007

1st day of Presidents Break

1st day of Presidents Break. First chance i've had to sit down and it's 4:15 pm. So much for a relaxing day! It hasn't been bad, just busy. Of course, I had to wake up- just to be sure B. was up. She doesn't have today off. Once she was up it was coffee time. Then I got a call from her friend who goes to class with her-- actually it was her mom, who said she was not going to class today because of mouth pain from having her wisdom teeth out. When I told B. she immediately freaked and started crying and refusing to go as well. Long story short, they both ending up going to class. After that drama was handled I had to hurry and get ready so I could pick them up on time.

Got home late morning looking forward to a little down time. M. wasn't even awake yet so I got her up. Made Cierra sit down and work on her state report. B. then let me know she didn't have the worksheets for this weeks assignments, so we had to go to school and catch her independent teacher, otherwise she would not be able to do any of her school work for the next several days. Meanwhile I got a call from a friend asking for computer help so after I drove B. to get her worksheets and took her home, then I went to see if I could help my friend.

I almost forgot about a 3pm follow up doctor appt for M. Luckily she did not, so I got home in time to get her and B. Took B. to work and then onward to the doctor. Just as I already knew- her sinuses are still infected. She is now going to try round 4 of a completely different antibiotic and if that doesn't do the trick we'll be going to an ENT. What a PITB. Poor kid. The doc just had to talk about surgery and hearing the bone "crunch" so of course she is saying "No Way!" Hopefully it won't come to that. He also said something about long term prednisone. Uhmmm, No. I'm not going to subject her to that.

So tonight is a valentine's dance. My daughter is trying to figure out what to wear. I'm so "not with it" however, to suggest one of her dresses. Apparently no one dresses up (duh) I wonder what she'll come up with.

I'm going to go relax for a bit before I have to start running around again. I still have to pick up B. from work later, go get M.'s prescription and take her to the dance. Tomorrow should be much more relaxing!

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