Thursday, February 15, 2007

4 day break, yippee

So the 7th grade girls basketball team made the play-offs. However, they lost- so they're done.
That's ok though- it was a great season. It was pretty exciting to make it to the playoffs for the league. The 8th grade girls won their playoff game and advance to the championship game. Looks like we'll be skipping it though, as there is a Valentines Dance tomorrow night that my daughter would rather attend. Gee, I wonder why? grin
I hope she has a dress that fits.... I do not want to go shopping tomorrow.

Speaking of M. Tomorrow is her 10 day appt back with her doc. I'm curious to see what he'll say because 10 days later and on her 3rd antibiotic, she is still coughing and still can't breathe well. Her symptoms are only marginally better. This has become very frustrating. She doesn't seem to be responding to the meds. I hope he's not going to ask us to get a catscan of her sinuses- but I guess I won't try to second guess it at this point.

Looking forward to the 4 day break. No basketball this weekend. Friday and Monday off school.
The biggest chore is going to be getting C. to work on her state report over the break. She does not like schoolwork and will try any means she can conjure to get out of it. I'm looking forward to maybe being able to take a nap in the afternoon. It's a sad life, I tell ya- when I look forward to a nap.
Oh scratch that- B. has to work tomorrow afternoon. So maybe I can nap Saturday instead. I'm pathetic.

Nothing more on my mind tonight, except bed. I feel exceptionally tired so I'm going to retire early. After I go turn all the lights off and prep my coffee for tomorrow morning. Must have coffee ready to consume after my sleepwalk to the kitchen in the a.m. It's a known fact that I will die without coffee.

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