Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Boy, I've been a real slug with my blog this month. Not sure why- I just feel completely apathetic.

I've been waking up with horrible headaches A LOT. what's the deal with that? Shouldn't you feel your best after a night of sleep? I feel like crap most of the time it seems. Aching Head, Aching Neck. My neck has been really out of whack.

Bri comes home this Saturday. 6 weeks FLEW by. I have mixed feelings. It's been so nice not to deal with her drama. There's been plenty of long distance drama- but she is much nicer to me when she's not home. Ok lets be real. I'm dreading it. I'm expecting her to be completely pissed off about being home and take it all out on me. I actually feel somewhat ill, knowing what will inevitably be coming. I don't think distance will have made her heart feel fonder-- if anything it will probably have only confirmed how badly she wants to leave. I just wish that didn't mean making my life a living misery.

School starts in 3 weeks. Where did summer go? I'm going to miss being a slug.

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