Friday, July 6, 2007

I guess I'm done jumping out of my skin. I've been in a funk and I still feel like I'm not quite myself. I've accepted that B., my bipolar daughter is on her own for the summer and will simply continue to hope that she manages to navigate her days on her own. Every time I talk to her she's done something that screams of "not thinking it through" which is maddening (to me!) Yet, she appears to be having a good time and I can only hope that on the other end she'll come through the experience more mature and motivated, as well as having a realistic view of the world and what it will take for her to be responsible for herself on a daily basis. I worry constantly about whether she is taking her meds- and I don't think she'd tell me if she's not. Oh well. There's only so much I can do.

In other news- we got an Offer on our house, which we countered and they accepted. We're technically in escrow now, but I'm not holding my breath. The "Offerors" have to sell their house and in this market I'm not overly optimistic that it's all going to come together. However, I'd appreciate any good thoughts and/or vibes on this matter. I suppose I'll now have to start weeding through junk, trying to pare down in an effort to prepare for possibly moving (again.) sigh. Moving is SUCH a PITA!

Leaving this afternoon for our last softball tournament for the summer. I'm definitely ready for softball to be over. Not looking forward to the weekend since it means traveling to and being in the super uber hot heat this weekend. Bleck. I'm not a heat lover.

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