Saturday, June 2, 2007

Playoffs, Day 2

C.'s team lost, 4-3. They were eliminated. Big Drama at the game. Going into the 5th, is was 0-0. Then C. had a meltdown and wouldn't pitch. Another girl had to sub, and needless to say it wasn't pretty- the other team scored 3. Despite this our team rallied and tied it up in the 6th. But due to pitching rules- none of our regular girls could re-enter the game so a girl who had never pitched had to go in and try to hold it down. Bless her heart, what a position to be in. In the middle of all this our coach found out we'd been seeded wrong and should have been the home team. A formal protest was lodged. The game stood as is, because the tournament was badly organized and it was discovered some other teams were seeded incorrectly too. It would have meant replays for all teams..... whatever. The girls handled the loss with grace and made us all proud.

M.'s team on the other hand, remain undefeated! They won round 2 of the play offs; 5-1. The championship game is tomorrow at 2pm. M. made some stellar plays at shortstop, and did not have to pitch- which was good because her shoulder still hurts. Luckily pitching rules are more generous at her level of play, allowing more innings per pitcher and they did not need to put her in. Tomorrow will be the big showdown for league champ..... fingers crossed! They are facing a team they did not play during the regular season.

Lastly, more good news. B. told her boss about going to SF for the summer art program, and she is giving her the time off- so she doesn't have to quit her job. That's been weighing heavily on her- and when something weighs heavily on her it runs over onto me........ because she doesn't handle stress at all, and I get the brunt of it, always. BIG sigh of relief! Whew.

Me? Simply tired. Good tired, but bone tired, never the less. Bed is calling me early tonight.

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JaniceNW said...

Sorry about C's team! Why'd she melt down? Stress and being tired?

Go M!!! I hope they win today!

Great news about Bri!!!

I hope you get some well deserved rest soon.