Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good Lord, give me the energy and strength to make it through the end of tonight. Hormonal 1o year old , 5th grade girls are a headache and a half.

Tonight is my daughter's 5th grade winter band concert. She is learning how to play the clarinet. They were not supposed to have a concert until spring, but suddenly the band director thinks they are ready to perform- after only 2 combined weeks of band rehearsal. Prior to combined band, they had weekly instrumental lessons. Ok, so that is fine I guess. But given 4 days notice I had to pull together black pants, black shoes and a white shirt. My daughter is a little difficult to fit not to mention my extreme shortage of time. I made an executive decision that she could wear her black cargo pants and black tennies. I don't have time or bucks to go buy her stuff to wear once and on such short notice. We borrowed a white button down shirt. It will suffice. Hey, they're only playing 2 songs! First of all I was late picking her up this afternoon. My bad.. I thought band practice was over at 3:30 and it was actually 3:15.

Here's the rundown on my afternoon which seems like they're all this way lately:

  • 1:45 pick up M. at Middle School
  • 2-3:30 run to mall, shop for black pants/shoes for B., who is starting new job Friday. It's now or never.
  • 3:30 pick up C. from Band practice. I'm late.
  • 3:30-3:45 listen to hysterical C. tell me she can't wear black tennis shoes to the concert. MUST have dress shoes. WTH? We're told this with 2.5 hours until the concert?
  • Drive home. M runs in to change into basketball clothes.
  • 3:50 back in the car and onward to drop off at basketball.
  • 4pm, arrive Middle School
  • 4:15 back home
  • 4:30 eat sandwich. Starving! Sit for a few mins and watch Will Smith on Oprah. My my he is aging nicely.
  • 5pm start trying to get C ready for concert. She's being obnoxious.
  • 5:15 drag C off computer. Discover black pants for concert have been walked on and have huge gaping holes on the back of both hems. She is freaking out. Ugh what next? Pants trashed. Dig through sisters pants, will any of them work? No. Find a pair of navy pants in back of closet. Ok they'll have to do. What about the shoes? Again, raid sister's closet. Meanwhile C. is carrying on crying and I've about had it. Sigh. Find shoes, raig M's closet again. One pair to big, one to small but hey, the small ones we'll sqeeze in.. since we HAVE to have dress shoes.
  • 5:40 Try to talk C. out of her "mood". Brush hair. More crying ensues
  • 5:45 leave to pick up M from basketball practice
  • 6:10 drive home, talk to M about attending C's concert. More drama. She doesn't want to go. She has another basketball practice. What's with all the attitude? Everytime I turn around someone is being mouthy.
  • 6:25 arrive home. Tell M, she can leave and go to practice after C. is done playing. She'll be 20 mins late or so. Deal with it.
  • 6:30 Get clarinet, finish C.'s hair
  • 6:35 everyone in the car. On the way to MS for concert
  • 6:50 arrive MS
  • 7pm concert starts. They are adorable and the high school kids really cheered and stomped for the, That was very cool.
  • 8pm, intermission. That's it for me and oldest daughter. We head out. C. stays with her dad to watch jazz band. Dad graciously agree's to pick up M from basketball at 8:30 so I don't have to go out yet again for another pick up.
  • 8:20 Home.......... ahhhhhhhhhhh
  • 8:40 M. & C. arrive home

Ugh I'm so exhausted at this point. M. comes in from basketball and is emotionally falling apart. Her back hurts. Her neck hurts. Heachache. Stomach ache. She's red and flushed. Crap is she sick or just to much physical activity? Well I'm voting for to much activity 3.5 hours of basketball in one day is a bit much. I decide we all need to chill and even though it's late, there has been so much drama and tears- I don't want everyone going to bed with negative feelings. We decide to watch the finale of the Biggest Loser, which was on the DVR. Yeah Eric! he looks amazing. Two hundred and fourteen friggin pounds lost! Unreal. M. made the comment that was like losting "4 Nicole's" ( a petite friend of C's). We all crack up because it's true!

10:30 everyone is in bed at last and I'm ready to drop.

11pm I'm finally in my room, done for the day/night.

Phone rings.... friend calls... we talk for an hour or so.... I'm going to pass out at this point.

Midnight or so, crawl into bed. Yipee...alarm to start all over in 6.5 hours.

Ended day with 4 Advil and 1/2 xanax. Sleep come quickly tonight please..........

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JaniceNW said...

LMAO! That's exactly the same crap O went through with R and band. No sneakers. White dress shirt. Blah, blah, blah. Kid never tells me any of this crud is needed until day before concert. Nice to know some things never change. :)