Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Again Already?

So it's Friday again already. Life is just flying these days. I'm exhausted as usual when friday rolls around.
After several misserable days, M.'s new antibiotic kicked in and and she is FINALLY about 95% well. Return visit to the doc yesterday- one week after the moster rash from the cipro. Ceftin did the trick. The rash is gone now, just some residual scabbbing left. Nose bleeds are the remaining prob- so she has yet another prescription to help reduce the remaining inflamation.
So we're moving right from basketball season into softball. Last games are this week for basketball and softball is underway now with practices having started this week. I think I've been out everynight this week for a meeting, game or practice. I love love love softball season though. Softball rocks!
B. is doing well with her studies; she's about done with US History & Health. All that will be left for the year is English and some random elective of her choice. I'm still hoping that she will be finished with HS next year by January. She is doing much better now that she is out of the traditional school setting. The past few weeks she has been very edgy and irritable, and that is always hard for me to deal with because she is so unpleasant to me and non-communicative. For the most part though, I try hard to remind myself that she has come SO far in one year-- we were deep in the pits of hell last year at this time. It's a struggle within myself to not become mired down with depression. Sometimes it's just a day by day deal. Some days I really beat myself up for not knowing years ago that there was something really amiss with her; that she was not just passing through some phase and would be better soon. If I had a dollar for every teacher, adult, doctor who told me that. I'll never forget the 2nd grade teacher who told me she was ADD, but didn't think we should medicate. Then there was the infamous raging episode in the Teepee in 3rd grade- which when I look back on it now, was a HUGE tip off that she was having some sort of manic episode. The really odd thing about that is that the teacher didn't even tell me about it until parent conferences some months boggles me that I didn't get a call about it. Anyway, I know it doesn't do me any good to re-live this stuff but I feel like I've some incredibly failed her for not knowing and/or being more pushy to get answers. I wonder how different her life could be now- had we gotten help for her when she was very young- versus it coming to a life threating crisis as a teen. Well I guess that's enough pity party for today. I just need to get it out sometimes.
It's going to be a busy weekend! Looking forward to Sunday afternoon when I will hopefully have some "me" time to relax.
One last thing: what is UP with American Idol? We love that show and I can't believe that Sunjay(?) and Antonella were NOT voted off! Erg!

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